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In an episode of the Yes Indie'd podcast, Paul Czege spoke about how RPGs have hitherto been about disagreement. 

Before that ever happened, as a sort of joke on the universe, molleindustria released Rules and Roberts, a democratic roleplaying game.

On Sept 4th 2020, anarchist David Graeber died. I made a twitter thread in remembrance.

Then, two jams were announced. One in memory of David Graeber called the Intergalactic Memorial Carnival. The other a Mini-Zine jam.

So here is a small zine with two (2) little co-op dice mechanics that can seed ideas for other designers. They're not games. They're just these small pieces of design.

The cover art is Proun 1D (1919) by El Lissitzky. The print file was built using the template and print instructions provided by Star West.

This file is released by me, the author, into the public domain.

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AuthorThomas || New Madras


Print Instructions.pdf 69 kB
Co-op Dice Print File.pdf 59 kB
Co-op Dice ScreenReadable.pdf 58 kB

Install instructions

The PDF labelled Print can be printed out as per the Printing Instructions file. If you just want to read it on your computer or phone, the screen readable PDF is all you need.


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This is an absolutely great mechanic you could get into any RPG you want. Make storytelling MORE collaborative.